Bahrain GP: Satisfying qualifying for Williams Martini

By Andrew Hooper
April 16 2017

Qualifying for the 2017 Bahrain GP for the Williams Martini team would produce what could be described as a satisfying result for the team. Felipe Massa would finish in 8th while team-mate Lance Stroll was able to lift himself out of the cut off zone and finish 12th. For Lance he now has the choice of tyres for the start. For Felipe he would come away pleased with his position on the grid. Come Sunday's race both Williams drivers are in a position to look at securing a good points scoring result.

 Williams Martini Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying

Team Summary:
The opening eighteen minute period in qualifying for the 2017 Bahrain GP would see Lance out first for Williams. The early quickest time was Wehrlein with a 1m:33.502. Mercedes and Ferrari were on the soft tyre with Bottas setting a 1m:31.041 to be quickest. Verstappen was now quickest with a 1m:30.904 on the supersoft tyre. But Hamilton would go quicker with a 1m:30.814 on the soft tyre. After their first runs the Williams drivers were fifth and sixteenth, similar to their practice pace. After their stops only the top six would not return for a second run. On the super soft tyre Raikkonen would go third behind Verstappen. Hulkenberg and Palmer were now sixth and eighth. For Williams with the final runs Felipe and Lance were seventh and twelfth. Top ten was Hamilton, Verstappen, Raikkonen, Vettel, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Felipe, Palmer, Kvyat, and Ricciardo.

The second period would see everyone out on the super soft tyre. A 1m:29.555 from Bottas only to be beaten by Hamilton with a 1m:29.535. Verstappen was now third but Vettel and Raikkonen would move ahead. After his first run Felipe was eighth for Williams. Lance's first run would see him tenth but he dropped to twelfth. Hulkenberg was now fifth and team-mate Palmer was tenth. The top ten was Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Felipe, Grosjean, and Palmer. The final period would see both Mercedes and Red Bull cars come out early. Felipe would come out early for Williams making it seven cars on the track. After their first runs it would be Hamilton quickest with a 1m:28.792 followed by Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen, Verstappen, Ricciardo, and Felipe seventh.

With Grosjean on the track by himself more drivers would start to come back out. Grosjean would go eighth as the two Renault's took to the track. Now all ten cars were out all on new super soft tyres. Grosjean would pit as we saw Bottas go quickest with a 1m:28.769 with Hamilton failing to improve. This would see Bottas on pole. For Williams Felipe would finish in eighth behind Hulkenberg. Vettel was third followed by Ricciardo, Raikkonen, and Verstappen sixth. So the Williams drivers will start Sunday's race from eighth and twelfth a position that should allow to challenge for points.


Felipe Massa:
Felipe would join his team-mate out for his first run also on the super soft tyre. Felipe would finish his first flying lap with a 1m:31.373 to be second but it would become third. He would drop to fifth still behind Bottas. Felipe would pit after three laps. Felipe would remain in his pit currently seventh. With the end of the period he would remain in this position. The second period would see Felipe come out with a new set of super soft tyres. Felipe's lap was a 1m:30.677 to be fifth but he would drop to seventh behind Ricciardo. He would pit after a single run. This would become eighth as Hulkenberg moved up into fifth. Felipe would come out early in the final period running on a new set of super soft tyres. He would complete his flying laps to be fifth fastest with a 1m:30.350 but he would drop to seventh then eighth.

Lance Stroll:
The opening period would see Lance take to the track very early running on the medium tyre. He would pit taking on the super soft tyre and he would set a 1m:32.891 to go quickest. He would drop to second behind Perez. As others went quicker he would drop to fifth. Quickly he would drop to thirteenth behind Palmer also pitting. This would become sixteenth putting him into the drop off zone. This would require Lance to go again to see if he can make it into the second period. Lance would come out on a new set of super soft tyres and would set off on his flying lap. He would finish with a 1m:31.748 to be twelfth.

Lance would be one of the last to come out for the second period. His mechanics were seen working on the front of his car. With under five minutes remaining lance had yet to come out. But finally he would come out on a new set of super soft tyres. He was currently fourteenth as he started his flying lap. He would finish with a 1m:31.168 to be tenth but he would drop to eleventh courtesy of Grosjean. This would become twelfth as Kvyat went quicker. This would see Lance's qualifying come to an end but it was still a respectable result.




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